Whether a reseller or a professional end user in the home, gift, garden, or fashion sector, we would love to welcome you as a new cardholder at TICA, Trends & Trade and Fashion Extras! 

 B2B professionals only  +180 suppliers • +500,000 items • Purchase on an item-by-item basis • One invoice 

In order to fill in this registration form, you will require your VAT (BTW) number and an extract from your registration at the Chamber of Commerce. If you are a Belgian company, you only need your VAT (BTW) number. 

This is where the confirmation will be sent.

  • The registrant acknowledges having read and understood these General Terms and Conditions and hereby agrees that the General Terms and Conditions of Trends & Trade Venlo B.V. shall be the sole binding document to govern any and all agreements that Trends & Trade Venlo B.V. concludes with a retailer/buyer.
  • The registrant acknowledges having read and understood the disclosure that Trends & Trade Venlo B.V. works with an agent, who acts on behalf of its principals. Trends & Trade Venlo B.V.'s principals are persons or entities with whom Trends & Trade Venlo B.V. has concluded a contract, which may include anything from renting retail space to selling goods to a buyer through the user acting on behalf of the principal.
(Belgische ondernemers: ondernemersnummer)

Should you experience any problems uploading the following document, you can also e-mail it to or fax it to +31 (0)77 – 321 90 35, stating your company name.